Camp Fire Law

The Camp Fire USA Law, which dates from the first few years of Camp Fire, was originally the Wood Gatherer’s Desire. In 1942 the words “Worship God,” implicit in the whole statement, were explicitly given as the first item of the law.

The word “law” is sometimes misleading, however. At no time in the organization’s history has a Camp Fire member been asked to take any oath or make any promise. The Camp Fire law is a desire or a goal, not an oath.

Luther Gulick said of the law: “The power of the law is within you. It is not law that other people can demand you obey; that is, it is not law from without — it is law from the heart. It commands only those who seek to follow. It is opportunity, not obligation. It is an open road leading to the beautiful country where you live, rather than chains which would bind or limit your freedom.”

Worship God – Respect all people, places and things as gifts of love. Share friendship and warmth as gifts to be given to others.

Seek Beauty – Look for the good in all people, places, things and nature.

Give Service – Show you care. Be a helper at home, at school, in your neighborhood, in your community, for your world.

Pursue Knowledge – Try new things. Experiment with a new skill. Learn more about something you already know.

Be Trustworthy – Be honest, truthful and do the things you say you will do. Be worthy of responsibilities others give you.

Hold onto Health – Exercise, get lots of sleep, eat healthy foods, and keep your body neat and clean. A healthy person feels good and is happy.

Glorify Work – Do the best you can with everything you do. Be proud of your work. Finish what you start.

Be Happy – Enjoy life. Be cheerful even if things don’t always go your way. Be positive. Help others to be happy. Have fun.